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Šagovac O nama

About Law Office Šagovac

Attorney Antun Šagovac, mag. iur., entered in the Register of the Croatian Bar Association on 01 October 1981, with office seated in Velika Gorica.

Since its establishment until today, the office has continuously employed, besides the attorney and the personal assistant, legal trainees, generally with passed bar exams, and at least two attorneys, on a contractual basis.

The office has successful cooperations with other attorneys from all towns across Croatia, as swell as with several foreign attorney's offices.

Since 1992, the office has assisted a series of investment projects in Croatia. we collaborated on the opening of a series of known foreign companies founded by their sister companies in Croatia (Porsche, Bill, KSV, Asamer-Hufnagl, Alpine, Merkur casinos...).

In representing KSV through Coface Croatia d.o.o., we represented a large number of foreign companies from around the world for the purpose of debt collection in Croatia. In recent years, we have had co-operations with companies specialising in extrajudicial and judicial debt collection.

We work on large projects of buying property for domestic and foreign companies, covering all segments, from finding and buying a property to registering a proprietor. We have represented a number of well-known construction companies, accompanying them in all their activities in the Republic of Croatia and representing them in courts and before other competent authorities to protect their rights and interests.

In our previous work and over 30 years of experience, we have had over 30,000 various representations before courts in civil and commercial disputes.